“Twitter; The Criterion Collection Vol II”

Recently I was asked by Twitterer (Is that a word?) Jason Sweeney to make a short video clip to be included in a video he was producing along with Jen Oslislo, for fun.
The rules were it had to be under 30 seconds, it could be filmed/made anyway you liked, and it had to feature an unedited tweet from someone other than yourself. I chose to use a tweet from pal Jamie Madrox.

Here’s the full video – http://vimeo.com/12448775

Here’s my animation – http://www.flickr.com/photos/markleggett/4711299733/

And the illustrations on their own…

Illustration 1 - Twitter; The Criterion Collection Vol II

Illustration 2 - Twitter; The Criterion Collection Vol II

A tweet of mine about Lando from Star Wars was used by Jason Sweeney for the first video compilation produced back in March (link), and it was filmed beautifully.

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